Mauricio Gomes has kindly agreed to be the figurehead of our Milton Keynes Academy. He is one of only six people (often referred to as the “Famous Five”) to have received Black Belt status from the famous Rolls Gracie.

He has been training and teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu for over 50 years, having started training in BJJ with his father at the age of just four. He has taught in Japan, China, and Brazil, and was instrumental in bringing BJJ to the UK.

He married the daughter of Carlos Gracie, and together they raised Roger Gracie.

Mauricio is one of the most important figures in martial arts in the world.

At present, Mauricio holds the rank of 7th degree black and red belt.


Head Instructor

Peter Olsson started the Roger Gracie Academy – Milton Keynes early in 2016.

Nobody understands the needs of the new (or advanced) BJJ student like Peter.

He is an obsessed BJJ (brown belt) enthusiast who regularly trains with 7th degree black and red belt Head Instructor Mauricio Gomes.

Peter also loves leading classes at RGA-MK and when you join Peter in one of his classes you will understand why students love training with him.

He’s fun to be around but when it’s time for learning he sure pulls the class together.

When Peter Olsson is not learning or instructing BJJ he’s busy keeping an eye on two other businesses he owns. A health and wellness centre in Bedford and a coaching business for health and wellness centre owners worldwide on successful advertising and marketing strategies.

Peter is a devoted family man with wife and two young children.

Peter Olsson

Class instructor in BJJ